Javier Mendoza Dallas Media Company


Creative Director

A social entrepreneur who founded Connect Global ( a non profit ) with his wife of over 10 years, and Dallas Media Company Partner, Danielle Mendoza. 

Javier has spent the last decade creating sustainable solutions to solvable problems around the globe. This focus in the not for profit sector has fueled his creativity and motivation to bring other brands to life.

His eye for detail and keen ability to think outside the box is what makes his design work stand out. 

Danielle Mendoza Dallas Media Company.jpg


Client Relations

With a long history in client relations, Danielle, is able to streamline the communication and ideas shared between our clients and our design team.

Danielle sees the big picture and structures a plan to accomplish your goals. Her expertise and professionalism are what will keep your project moving forward. 

Her commitment to excellence shows in every pursuit she undertakes, and it will be evident in the way she handles each and every client here at Dallas Media Company.