6 Hacks to Keep You Productive When Building Your Business From Home


Number 2 is my favorite because I believe there is a clear link between a clean, organized, workspace and how productive you are in a day. If you are not taking advantage of a designated workspace as you build your business from home you may be getting less done than you have the potential for.  - Javier


2. Set up an 'office' space in your home.

The brain works through the power of association. So, if you can create a place in your home that is 100 percent for work, your brain will know this when you sit down and you will be far more productive.

The key here is that you cannot use this place for anything other than hustling on your work for the day. If you get distracted, immediately stand up and walk away.

The more frequently that you use this space for work, and work only, the more successfully you will be able to focus and stay productive when you sit down for the day.

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