The Crucial Difference Between Getting Things Done and Being Busy |

3 takeaways from John Wooden

1. Before you turn off your computer for the night the question to ask is not how busy you were during the day, but how much closer you came to accomplishing your most important goals. If the answer is “not very” something is wrong.

2. Do you have a routine in place to get the absolute most out of tomorrow?

3. Does that routine include making sure you waste as little time as possible. (Do you have the folders/files you need right at hand, so you can start work immediately. Is the background you need easily accessible? If you are traveling, is all the information you need about getting from Point A to Point B in one folder. Do you have the email addresses and phone numbers you need. )

Sure, you can spend 15 minutes or more scrambling in the morning to find everything from that one critical piece of information to the suit you could have sworn you picked up from the cleaners.

You sure will have been busy during that time. But what will you have actually accomplished?

Wooden was right: You never want to confuse activity with accomplishment.