7 Tips From SEO Wizards That Will Boost Your Content — The Content Strategist

For many content marketers, organic traffic earned through SEO is like a holiday bonus: It’s cool if it happens, but no one is planning their monthly budget around it.

“It’s not something they go for head-on,” said Dana DiTomaso, partner at digital marketing agency Kick Point. “People think about content and then say, ‘Oh, we’re going to do a social push.’ But really, good content should be driving your organic traffic on a regular basis.”

But what can you do about SEO? You’re just a creative person, right? Wrong. The days of clear distinctions between the content team and the SEO department are long gone. Content marketers should not only be aware of how their work affects search engine rankings, but also actively use that feedback and awareness to optimize their work.

Here are seven things that content marketers should be doing right now, according to some of the most masterful minds in SEO.

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